Dynamic Vibes

ACTVST is a brand of and for the future, foward-looking, fun loving,
highly charged and strikingly authentic. A brand that fully captures the dynamic spirit of modern day youth.

At ACTVST Clothing we believe that everyone should have something worth standing up for.
We believe that there is an activist in each one of us and that we should let that aspect of ourself shine.

An ACTiViST is someone who has a brave dynamic free spirit, i.e. positive, energetic, creative.
One who has self-belief and stands up and fights to protect their cherished golden values.
Someone who keeps a Golden Spirit of optimism whilst striving for self-improvement.

We at ACTVST stand for: Self-worth, Self-belief, Self-respect, Self-improvement. And promote the value of having a Brave Dynamic Free Spirit.
We value The Brave, The Dynamic, The Free, so keep up the Golden Spirit!!

Our goal is to be the best we can be, in the most Earthical® way posible.
By offering comfortable quality and positively charged clothing to inspire and uplift the spirit.

We are more than a clothing brand, we are a progressive movement;

Brave Dynamic Free!

Our positive, self-assured fun vibrations carry us through thick and thin elevating others along the way.

We remain dedicated to a better earth, a better life for all.

Be dynamically brave and Strike Free!!